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This article will teach you how to get 50GB of data Free of charge on MTN network, using MyMTN App. Please note that this is legit from MTN themselves.

MTN is one of the best mobile telecommunications network in terms of network strength and data speed and with that, everyone loves using MTN. This 50GB free data is as fast as Usain Bolt and can be used on Android phones, iPhones, modem and Laptop computer.

What is required for the 50GB free data on MTN:

First, you need to obtain two (2) MTN Sim cards – One new and the other old, or any SIM that haven’t been used in the MyMTN App.

Secondly, Download the MyMTN from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore. Click to DOWNLOAD MYMTN App from Playstore.

Thirdly, you need a strong data connection; 3G or 4G network is most preferable.

Below is the simple steps on how to get 50GB on MTN network, using MyMTN App:

1. Switch on your data connection and open the MyMTN App. Make sure one of the SIM cards has not been registered with the MyMTN App before.

2. Now, look for an extra phone to put the SIM card that is yet to be registered on the MyMTN App. A torchlight small phone will do.

3. Now login to the MYMTN app, using the SIM that has been registered on the app before. If both SIMs have not been registered before, then use anyone.

4. You will be sent an OTP (One Time Password) code when you try to login. After you must have successfully login, click on the Menu tab, located at the top left corner of the app.

5. Then, click on the “Free Data” button. You will be provided with a page to invite new numbers to join, up to 10 at a time.

6. Now, input the new MTN number (or number not registered with the MyMTN App) that is in a different phone, and click the “Send Invite” button below to invite the number.

7. If the invitation is successful, you will be told that you will be given free 200MB when the person you refer registered on the app.

8. Now, let’s proceed forward. Logout from the MyMTN app, and insert the SIM that you just sent and invite and login to the app.

9. The following step is very trickish and once you miss it, you miss out of the 50GB. So, read carefully.

i. Request for OTP and once it is sent, input the OTP and Proceed. After that, a pop up message will display on the screen.

ii. Please, don’t click anything yet – just follow still.

NOTE: Read the message and click on the “Remind Me Later” button. Once you click it, don’t waste time – immediately Click your phone BACK button again. Don’t let it load.

10. Repeat the same step again and Click the “Remind Me Later” button and click your phone back button.

11. Keep doing that over and over and as much as you can – as you keep doing it, your other line will keep accumulating with more refer data bonus, which is 200MB per successful click.

12. You can accumulate the 200MB data up to 50GB, which is what I did. All you just need is to focus and don’t let it process before you click the back button.

More about the 50GB free data from MTN:

The data is valid for 24hrs. Once you finish accumulating the data, you can use it to download anything, including movies and large files.

Remember not to switch the old and new SIM together, because you need the SIM that has not been registered on the MyMTN app before.

You can also do it on another SIM to accumulate more data. Enjoy why it last.


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