Model Who Allegedly Didn’t Get Paid Files Lawsuit Against Kylie Jenner

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Model Sasha Palma has filed a lawsuit against Kylie Jenner’s company, alleging delayed payment for two photo shoots and seeking a six-figure settlement. The details of the case were obtained by TMZ, revealing that Sasha was contracted by Kylie’s company to participate in promotional photo shoots for her cosmetic products.

The first shoot, which took place in June 2020, involved Sasha promoting Kylie’s cosmetic brand. According to the lawsuit, Sasha claims she was supposed to receive a payment of $2,000 by early July. However, she asserts that the payment was delayed by more than 30 days. As a result, Sasha is demanding $60,000 in penalties.

A similar situation reportedly occurred with a second one-day photo shoot in August 2020. Sasha alleges that she did not receive her $2,000 payment until more than 30 days past the agreed deadline. Consequently, she believes she is entitled to an additional $60,000 in penalties.

Sasha Palma’s lawsuit against Kylie Jenner’s company sheds light on the alleged payment delays and seeks appropriate compensation for the model’s services. The legal proceedings will further determine the resolution of the case.

Kylie And Her Reps Deny The Allegations

Kylie Jenner and her representatives have strongly denied the allegations made by model Sasha Palma. A representative for Kylie’s brand has responded to the claims, asserting that the model was indeed paid within the specified NET 45-day period, as stated in her invoice for both photo shoots.

Sasha is seeking a total of $120,000 in damages from Kylie’s company, but Kylie’s representative claims to possess supporting documentation proving timely payment.

Furthermore, a source close to Kylie has suggested that the model’s agent might be responsible for withholding payment, indicating that the issue lies outside of Kylie’s company. The source also reveals that the model had requested a letter of recommendation from Kylie’s brand, which was declined.

Additionally, it is alleged that the model’s team attempted to secure further work with Kylie’s company following the 2020 photo shoots. These factors cast doubt on the strength of the case against Kylie Jenner.

The denial of the allegations by Kylie Jenner and her representatives, along with the possible involvement of the model’s agent and subsequent business requests, complicate the situation surrounding the lawsuit. As the legal proceedings unfold, more information may come to light regarding the disputed payment claims.


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